We offer a variety of classes and programs here at Legendary Athletics. We offer recreational tumbling, cheerleading and dance classes for ages 3 – 18. We also have competitive cheer and dance programs. 

Our new address is 901 Central Park Drive, Sanford, FL 32771. We are located on the corner of the 4-way stop at Central Park Drive & St Johns Parkway. 

Our general office hours are

Monday – Thursday:  11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Friday:  11:00 am - 5:00pm

Saturday - Sunday:  Closed

Tuition/fees are always due on the 1st of each month. A statement will be sent out via email around the 20th of each month prior. Any additional items charged to your Legendary Athletics’ account between the 20th and 1st of the month will also be due by the 1st of the month unless otherwise stated. A $50 late fee is applied for all past due balances after the 1st of the month.

We require that all customers sign up for ACH withdrawals, which is direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account,. This will ensure your account never receives a late fee as we take care of running the ACH payment on the 1st of each month. If you would like to pay by any other means, you may do so if payment is made before the 1st of the month, however an ACH must be on file.

We offer Open Gym for ages 5 & up for $10, on the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month Friday from 6:00 pm -8:30 pm as well as Indoor Playground (open gym for ages 12 months – 4 years) for $8, the 2nd & 4th  Fridays from  10:00 am – 12:00 pm.  We now offer Birthday Parties!  Please contact the front desk if you are interested in having your child’s birthday party with us.

The monthly tuition for a recreational tumbling, cheerleading class, or dance is $94 per month. You will also have your annual registration fee to pay at the time that you join which is prorated based on when you join. The Annual Registration fee is $50 for an individual or $75 for a family (2 or more children). * Team athletes pay reduced class tuition of 20% off.

Our recreational classes are ongoing month to month. Your child can start at any time throughout the month and the tuition will be prorated based on when you start.

Dance, Tumbling or Cheerleading experience is not necessary. We offer Level 1-5 tumbling classes so our Level 1 classes are specifically designed for children with little to no experience as well as those looking to perfect the basics prior to moving on to more advanced skills. Our coaches are very experienced to welcome a new child into a class and have the ability to work with various levels within each class.

We do require a 30 day written drop notice be turned in at the front desk should you need to drop a recreational class. The 30 day written drop notice form is available on our website or at the front desk.

Your child should wear comfortable shorts & shirt. Bloomers and sports bra are recommended for older athletes. Socks & clean sneakers are required. Please make sure your child’s hair is neatly out of their face so it doesn’t cause distraction or prevent them from completing a skill.

Absolutely! The cost would be $81 for the first class and then you receive a 10% discount on the monthly tuition for each additional class.

Yes! The cost would be $94 for the first child and then you would receive $10 off on the monthly tuition for each sibling.

Yes, we always offer a trial class so that your child can participate in the class they are interested in and we have no doubt they will love it and want to sign up.

Yes, please contact the front desk for days and times.

We offer make ups for days the gym is closed. All make up classes must be scheduled through the front desk.

Dancers Piggy Back


All-Star cheerleading and dance are competitive sports that involve boys and girls performing a 2 minute 30 second routine composed of a variety of components. For cheerleading, those components can include tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance and cheer segments. For dance, those components can include tricks and various forms of dance. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various regional and national competitions.  Being part of All-Star Cheer and Dance takes a lot of dedication and commitment. The season begins with Tryouts the beginning of May. Teams will typically practice 1-3 days per week for 1.5-2.5 hours per day. The competition season typically begins early December and runs through the end of April. Most teams compete 5-7 times per season. Most of our competitions are throughout Central Florida (Daytona, Orlando and Tampa). However, some teams may travel out of state for 1-2 competitions each season.

Please see the form titled Tumbling Skills by Level located under our forms section on our website.

The full All-star season runs May – April. Tryouts are in May and practices also begin in May. Competitions will start in November or December and will run through April. For our half season All-star program (All-star Prep) the season will run December – April. Tryouts are in DNovember. Practices will begin in January and they will compete in 2 competitions in March/April.

We offer teams for all ages 3-18 and Level 1-5 cheer teams so our level 1 teams would be a great place to start to learn tumbling and cheerleading. No tumbling or cheerleading experience is necessary. We would encourage taking an additional tumbling class or private lessons to help your child progress a little quicker through their tumbling skills.
Tumbling/tricks are highly encouraged but not required at this time for our non-elite level dance teams. Tumbling/tricks are required for our Elite level dance teams.

Yes, absolutely! We have several athletes that are on both an All-star Cheer & Dance team. The only instance that we do not allow an athlete to compete on both a cheer and dance team are for Worlds. Per USASF rules, an athlete cannot compete at Worlds for both Cheer & Dance. Other than the previous instance, as long as the practice schedule works we love having athletes in both Cheer and Dance. Athletes that cross-over from Cheer to Dance will receive a 20% discount on the tuition portion of your second team. You will be responsible for all uniform and travel fees associated with being on both a Cheer and Dance team.

Athletes will receive a set of practice wear and their team coach will instruct them as to when they should wear them. For their other practices, we recommend cheer athletes attend practices in comfortable clothes including shorts with bloomers on underneath and comfortable t-shirt or tank (we prefer that all athletes wear sports bras to ensure nothing is exposed). We do require all cheer athletes to wear socks & cheer shoes to practice and hair to be pulled up out of their face. 

There is not required practice wear for our dance teams. We recommend hip hop athletes attend practices in clothes (shorts or sweatpants and shirt) that will allow them to comfortably perform intricate foot work and dance tricks without interference. Once they begin practicing their routine on the Marley dance floor, hip hop sneakers will be required during practices.

Yes, we provide a 20% discount off the tuition portion of your monthly fees for siblings or a second team.

It is not guaranteed that your child will move up a level every year. We encourage every child to progress at their own rate. Participation in tumbling classes or private lessons is encouraged as you will likely see your child develop skills at a faster rate and with proper technique.

The summer months (May-July) are focused primarily on building skills. This can be either building/fine tuning skills needed for your child’s current team level as well as working skills for the next level once the current level of skills are mastered. Once choreography begins (August/September) the focus of practices will shift to preparing the routine for competition however athletes will continue to work on building skills.

Private Lessons or additional classes are not required of our team athletes. Athletes will work on tumbling skills during team practices however the more opportunity an athlete has to work on skills the faster they will learn new skills.

Cheer athletes are permitted 6 absences from May-August and 4 absences September-April. Choreography and Stunt Clinic dates are mandatory. The week prior to a competition practice is mandatory so should your athlete miss practice in the week leading up to a competition we reserve the right to remove your athlete from the routine for that competition and the following.
Dance athletes that practice 1 day per week are permitted 3 absences May-August and 2 absences September-April. The two weeks prior to a competition are mandatory so should you miss practice in the 2 weeks leading up to a competition we reserve the right to remove your athlete from the routine for that competition and the following.
Dance athletes that practice 2 days per week are permitted 6 absences May-August and 4 absences September-April. The one week prior to a competition is mandatory so should you miss practice in the week leading up to a competition we reserve the right to remove your athlete from the routine for that competition and the following.

*New this year* All Cheer athletes will be required to compete in their new Varsity Shoes. For practices, we just require an all white cheer shoe.

For practices, your child’s hair should be in a tight, high pony tail with a cheer bow facing the front. If your child’s hair is not long enough for a high pony tail then their hair needs to be half up with a cheer bow facing the front. This will be the required style for competition along with their competition cheer bow.

There is not a specific style for practices. Your coaches will provide specific directions for hair styles prior to each competition. The hair style can change from competition to competition if dance athletes also have to compete on a cheer team that same day or if due to the schedule we have dance cross over athletes that won’t have time to change hair styles between warm-ups for each team.

Please contact your Team Mom should you have issues with how to apply the make-up or style your child’s hair.

Please contact your Team Mom or Dad should you have any issues on competition day. Please do not contact the coaches as they will be focused on multiple teams on competition day. The Team Mom will contact the coach directly should there be an issue.

The week leading up to competition we will provide a schedule of when each team needs to arrive at the competition venue, their competition time and when they are allowed to leave after they compete. We create this schedule so that all of our teams have other Legendary athletes & families to cheer them on during their competition time. As long as this schedule is followed you are free to come and go as you please.

Parking & Spectator Fees can vary from competition to competition. We have no control over these fees as they are established by the venue and/or competition host. Parking fees can range from Free to $15 per vehicle. Spectator Fees typically range from Free to $20 per day. Should we attend The UCA Nationals competition (should we choose to attend) at Walt Disney World a park admission to Wide World of Sports and/or Universal Studios will be required for spectators.

If your athlete is on a competitive team, your athlete’s team coach will be your first point of contact for issues regarding your athlete’s team. If you do not feel you can speak with your athlete’s coach then your Program Director (Cheer or Dance) will be your next point of contact. The final point of contact would be the Gym Director.  If you have an issue regarding enrollment or billing please speak with one of our staff at the front desk. If they cannot be of assistance they will direct your issue/question to the Gym Director.

Face to face communication is always the best form of communication if handled in a respectful manner. Your coach may not be able to speak with you immediately before or after practice but they will be happy to set up a scheduled time to meet with you or contact you over the phone. Texting is also an option for general questions or updates however face to face communication is recommended for handling any issues. Negative communication with coaches is not acceptable at competition or at anytime for any reason.

There is a possibility that your athlete can join a team after the season has begun. This will depend on available spots on our teams as well as your athlete’s skills.

We do not offer scholarships however several of our athletes are able to obtain sponsorships to put towards their monthly expenses for being in a competitive program. At this time, fundraisers are handled by our Team Moms on a team by team basis. So, this may be an option should your team choose to organize fundraisers. We do not offer fundraiser opportunities on a gym-wide basis.

It is our goal to place every athlete on a team. We offer various levels in both our cheer and dance programs and will do our best to place each athlete on an age and level appropriate team.